Long Beach Airport

Long Beach Airport serves 4 million people annually, including passengers and meeters/greeters and is one of the main hubs for JetBlue Airlines on the West Coast. ProDIGIQ's strategically located digital advertising assets on Flight Information Displays, Digital Signage and Digital Wall are the exclusive source of real-time flight information for passengers.

TV Locations & Information

There are a total of 35 TVs available for targeted advertising. The strategically selected locations include the airline check-in counters, passenger walkway paths, TSA lines, boarding gate area and meeters and greeters area. The TV sizes range from 46" to 65".

Maximizing Exposure at the Airport

Your ad will run prominently with flight information on widescreen TVs. Your brand will gain exposure with passengers watching the TVs for real-time status of their departing flight, and meeters and greeters watching the TVs for real-time status of the arriving flight.

Maximizing Targetability through Premium Ad Campaign

ProDIGIQ's advertising assets are tied to real-time flight schedules, allowing you to play specific ads for receptive and interested audiences at the locations that match your target demographic. Precisely choosing your audience and time will significantly increase your advertising ROI.

Passengers spend 60 minutes, on average, waiting at the airport. 55% of passengers are leisure and 45% are business travelers with 51% passengers being male and 49% female. Majority of passengers flying out of LGB are in the age group of 35-54 years, a much sought after demographic. A significant number of LGB passengers live in the affluent neighborhood of Orange County.