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We target and reach a total of 11 million corporate executives and frequent flyers with digital out of home programs. Advertising at Airports is the most innovative airport advertising company in the US with programs executed at 11 US airports.

The Evolution of Digital Out Of Home Media


Advertising is an ever changing and evolving landscape where innovation and creativity have been the pioneers to more effectively reach the masses.

With recent advances in technology, Out Of Home (OOH) advertising is now facing a paradigm shift. OOH advertising is slowly but surely evolving toward becoming a completely digital marketing tool. PQ Media found that the United States is the world’s largest Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) market by revenues. One of every three dollars is now being spent towards digital signage.

Barriers that once prevented OOH media’s transition to a digital platform have been removed. The major barrier to the transition was cost, but that is now no longer an issue. Chinese and Korean manufacturers have been able to cut the cost of digital signage by two-thirds since 2008, according to PQ Media. With advances in display technology ushering larger screen sizes, combined with more cost effective manufacturing methods, digital displays continue to increase in size and decrease in price. This has helped to speed up OOH media’s conversion to completely digital.

Another major contributing factor for the digital boom is the awareness of global climate change. Companies are looking to make their carbon footprints substantially smaller by investing in digital displays that are much more eco-friendly than poster and print advertising.

Not only are digital ads better for the environment, they are cheaper than physical ones and give businesses the freedom to change their messages more frequently and efficiently. This ability to easily rotate ads and allow multiple advertisers per unit has been shown to make 4 to 12 times more revenue than static ads, according to PQ Media.

The most significant advantage to the move towards digital signage is the effectiveness. According to Digital Screen Media Association, digital advertising has shown that video and digital communications is 600% more effective than print.

Being able to directly interact with people, and reach not only people’s sense of vision but also their sense of hearing, is an invaluable tool that leaves a lasting impression. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this boom of video and interactive advertising will be able to send an infinitely deeper and more complex message.